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A Plan for Every Path You Take

We’re here for you, no matter where you go.

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Auto Insurance

Pekin Insurance offers a wide range of auto coverage with add-ons and available discounts. Get affordable protection today.

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Renters Insurance

If you’re struck by theft or a disaster, renters insurance covers additional living expenses, legal liability, your furniture, and your clothing.

Term Life Insurance to 95+

Term life insurance is simple, affordable coverage. It can pay off student loans and other debts you leave behind if you suddenly pass away.

Pet Insurance (N/A in Arizona)

You could fill entire museums with pictures of your four-legged friends. Give them extra protection with pet insurance, which covers accidental injury or illness of a cat or dog.

Product Spotlight

Where to Start With Life Insurance

You might ask why you need life insurance when you’re single. Do you have a mortgage, student debt, or a business?

Life insurance could help pay off your loans so you don’t leave them behind for others. You could even use life insurance to create a donation for charity. 

Visit our life insurance comparison page for more ways to use this versatile coverage.

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