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Compare Life Insurance Policies

Discover Your Life Insurance Needs

Find the best life insurance fit for your budget, life stage, and legacy.
Use the dropdown menus to compare your life insurance choices. You’ll find policies that offer cash value growth, guaranteed premiums, and much more.



*A Long Term Care rider can be added to any of these plans to help cover costs incurred at nursing homes, assisted living facilities and home health care. We believe you will find the cost of a Long Term Care rider to be less expensive than that of a traditional long term care policy. 

A Policy for Every Situation

What should you think about when you choose a life insurance policy? These examples will help you figure out what coverage fits your situation.

Starting a Family — Transitional Life

Josh and Sara are a young couple expecting their first child. With a little one on the way, they have a tight budget.

Josh and Sara expect to pay off their student loans and advance in their careers within a few years. They’re looking for an affordable life insurance plan that offers a paid in full policy at retirement.

Transitional life insurance would work well for Josh and Sara. This policy provides low-cost term insurance now, which would offer financial support for the surviving parent and child. At the end of the term insurance period, transitional life would give Josh and Sara a paid-up policy to cover final expenses.

Retired Couple — Single Premium Whole Life

John and Marie are a retired couple. John made a good living, so Marie stayed home with their three children.

John and Marie want to pass down a tax-free inheritance to each of their children and grandchildren. The single premium whole life insurance policy would be a good option for John and Marie.

Young Business Owners — Universal Life

Jamal and Traci are young owners who started a successful business. Universal life insurance would protect them both, as well as their business, if anything happened to one of them. The whole life options accumulate cash value, so most of those policies would work for Jamal and Traci.

Single Parent — Term Life

Cindy is a single mother with two children. She wants to have enough life insurance to protect her children, but she’s on a tight budget.

Fortunately, Cindy can afford a high level of term life insurance. This policy doesn’t build cash value, but it offers a smaller monthly cost than other forms of life insurance.

Protection and Savings — Simplified Issue Whole Life

Over the years, Pete and Janet talked about life insurance but didn’t buy it. Now they’re middle-aged and worried they might not get approved.

Simplified issue whole life insurance would give Pete and Janet a good option. They wouldn’t need to pass a medical exam because approval for this coverage is based on three health questions.

Talk to Your Agent

Reach out to your local, licensed Pekin Insurance agent for a free, no-obligation life insurance quote.