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Protect Everything You Love

When you’re always busy, we’re here for extra stability.

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Auto Insurance

Your car takes your family everywhere. That’s why you deserve in-depth auto coverage with add-ons and available discounts. Pekin Insurance offers a wide variety of options!

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Home Insurance

Our home insurance covers qualifying home repairs and replacements, your personal belongings, and medical bills if guests are injured.

Term Life

Term life insurance offers simple, affordable coverage that can be continued to age 95.

Transitional Life

Transitional life insurance provides a high, level benefit that can remain in place for decades.

Product Spotlight

Find More Protection Under the Umbrella

Do you have a pool or trampoline in your yard? Kids love jumping and swimming, but they don’t always pay attention. An umbrella policy could offer extra coverage if someone gets injured at your home and sues you. 

When does umbrella coverage kick in? After you’ve exhausted the limits of other policies like your home insurance.

Visit our personal umbrella page for more details. You’ll see how this policy can protect your assets and future earnings.

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