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Auto Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does my auto insurance policy still cover my children while they are living away from home at college? What about when they return home for the summer?

A: Yes, students who are still residents of your household are still considered insureds and may drive vehicles insured on your Pekin Insurance auto insurance policy both when they are living away from home at college and when they return home from college in the summer. Since they are still considered residents of your household, they are also covered for their own personal liability as long as they have permission to drive someone else’s vehicle.

Q: If I let someone who is not listed on my auto insurance policy drive my car, is my vehicle still covered by my auto insurance policy? What about the person who is driving it?

A: If the person driving your car has your permission to drive it, your Pekin Insurance auto insurance policy will cover your vehicle and your liability caused by the driver should an accident occur.

Q: If I a rent a car while on a vacation, do I need to buy the auto insurance that the rental agency tries to sell me?

A: You are covered in a rental vehicle up to the broadest extent of coverage listed on your Pekin Insurance auto insurance policy. If you have both comprehensive and collision coverage on one vehicle, these types of losses are covered in the rental car. However, if you add our Auto Guard Endorsement to your auto insurance policy, enhanced coverages such as the decreased value of the rental vehicle in the accident and the loss of revenue to the rental agency will also be covered. Ask your local Pekin Insurance agent for more details.

Q: If I purchase a new vehicle today, is it covered by my current auto insurance policy if I cannot get in contact with my agent?

A: Your new vehicle is covered for both comprehensive and collision coverage as long as you ask us to provide both coverages within 30 days after you become the owner and as long as at least one other car on your policy has these coverages. If all the vehicles on your policy have liability coverage only, we will automatically provide 4 days of comprehensive and collision coverage, subject to a $500 deductible.

Q: If I have a travel trailer parked at a campground, how do I insure it?

A: If your travel trailer is ABLE to be moved (not fully skirted, wheels still attached, etc.), the travel trailer should be added to your auto insurance policy for comprehensive and/or collision coverage. The liability coverage is automatic from the vehicle used to pull the travel trailer. If the travel trailer is NOT ABLE to be moved (fully skirted, wheels removed, etc.), it should be covered on a dwelling fire policy. Contact your Pekin Insurance agent for a quote.

Q: If I rent a moving truck, do I need to buy insurance from the rental agency?

A: Yes. The personal auto policy will provide Liability Coverage for an insured while driving a rented moving truck; however, the personal auto policy does not provide coverage for any physical damage to the moving truck.

Q: If I rent a moving trailer, do I need to buy insurance from the rental agency?

A: Your personal auto policy provides Liability Coverage for “you” or any “family member” for a rented moving trailer designed to be pulled by a private passenger auto, pickup, or van. However, physical damage coverage for a rented moving trailer is provided as long as at least one of the vehicles on your policy has both comprehensive and collision coverage, but a non-owned trailer is subject to a $500 maximum benefit, meaning it is recommended you purchase a damage waiver from your rental company.

Q: What does my credit history have to do with my insurance rate?

A: Insurance companies use financial history along with other factors (such as years of driving experience or claims history) to properly classify an insured according to his/her potential risk. Studies have shown a correlation between a consumer’s financial history and his/her future insurance loss potential. Thus, insurance companies believe the use of credit helps to underwrite an applicant at a cost that reflects their specific risk. Click here for more information.

Q: Is there a way I can obtain a copy of my credit report?

A: A free credit report is available to US residents from each of the three main consumer reporting agencies. Order yours at

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