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Auto Policy Discounts

How can I save money on my auto insurance?

People love saving money, especially when they’re saving on necessities such as auto insurance. Pekin Insurance offers numerous policy discounts that grant you superior coverage at an affordable rate. Below is more information on the different discounts that we offer. Talk to your local Pekin Insurance agent to find out which policies you are eligible for and start saving!


Own two or more passenger autos—personally or by two people in the same household? You may qualify for a multi-car insurance discount.

Advance Issue

Getting your auto quote prior to the renewal date? If you have the policy issued prior to the effective date with us, you may be eligible for the advance issue discount.

Anti-Theft Device

Do you have comprehensive coverage, a vehicle equipped with a hood lock that can be released only from the inside, and an installed active or passive disabling device? You may qualify for an anti-theft device discount.

Auto/Home Insurance

Own a home? Save up to 30% on your Homeowners Insurance and up to 15% on your Auto Insurance when both are insured with Pekin Insurance.

Defensive Driver (Not Available in Indiana)

Are you age 55 or older, and have you successfully completed a defensive driving course designed by the National Safety Council or your state’s Department of Transportation? Find out how you could save with our defensive driver discount.


Do you make your auto policy premium payments with recurring Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) payments? You could qualify for our EFT discount.

Good Student

Under age 25 with a GPA of 3.0 or better? You qualify for our good student auto insurance discount.

Hybrid Auto

Using more than one energy source to power your vehicle? You may qualify for a hybrid auto insurance discount.

Mandatory Seatbelt (Only Available in Iowa)

Are you a resident of Iowa? We apply a discount to your auto policy to reflect reductions in losses due to the mandatory seatbelt law.


Do you want to save money by paying your premiums on an annual or semi-annual basis? We offer a paid-in-full discount.

Safety Equipment (Only Available in Ohio)

Is your vehicle equipped with air bags and anti-lock brakes? You could qualify for our safety equipment discount.


Do you want to move your auto policy from your current carrier to Pekin Insurance? A discount will be applied for the value between the time you insure your vehicle with Pekin Insurance and the time with the most recent carrier before the start date of the Pekin Insurance policy.

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