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Confidence for Your Golden Years

Enjoy your retirement with extra protection.


Home Insurance

Have you paid off your house, or are you close? Whatever you do, don’t stop protecting it!


Medicare Supplement Insurance

Medicare is a compromise between what is needed and what the government can afford to pay. That’s why a Medicare Supplement Insurance plan is important.

Single Premium Whole Life Insurance

After you’re gone, would you like to leave a larger inheritance for your grandchildren or surviving spouse? Single premium whole life insurance can help!

Pet Insurance (N/A in Arizona)

Your four-legged companions make life so much better! Give them the care they deserve with pet insurance, which covers accidental injury or illness of a cat or dog.

Product Spotlight

Make a Splash With Boat Insurance

You’re so glad retirement gives you more time on the water. You could spend all day in your boat!

Make sure you have the right boat insurance before you go on your next aquatic adventure. Our boat coverage accounts for medical payments, uninsured boaters, towing and labor, and more.

Float on over to our boat insurance page for extra details.