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Initial LogIn Instructions:

User ID: The User ID is the 9-digit Policy Number or 11-digit Certificate Number.
For example, A00001234 or 01234A56789. If you have an older policy, your social security number may be your User ID. If the policy number on your ID card is in the format A001234560, only use the first 9 characters, leaving off the last 0.

Password: The default Password is the Policyholder’s Date of Birth in MMDDYYYY format.
For example, June 4, 1965, would be entered as 06041965. You can change your password by clicking on User Settings. If you have forgotten your password, please click on the Forgot your Password? link to receive your password hint.

NOTE: WEBeci cannot be used to search for PPO ProvidersAccess to WEBeci is not available after your coverage has been terminated for over 6 months.

Feel free to contact the Health Claim Department with any questions you may have at 800-371-9622 or email.

*Pekin Life Insurance Company has contracted with Eldorado Computing, Inc., to provide WEBeci access.

Frequently Asked Questions

My User ID or Password is not working.

  • Letters in the User ID and Password are case sensitive and have no slashes or dashes, just letters and numbers.
  • If your Member ID has 10 characters, drop the last zero.
  • If the policy is not active, you will not be able to access WEBeci. Call 800-371-9622 to inquire about claim status.

If you are still not able to view your claims, email Pekin Insurance or call the Health Claim Department at 800-371-9622.

How do I view claims for a dependent?

From the Main Menu, click on Claim History, and then click on the Claim Search icon just above the list of claims. This will give you the option to view claims for a dependent. NOTE: If the primary insured only has one claim, the Claim Search icon will not appear and you need to call the Health Claim department at 800-371-9622 to inquire about dependent claims. Our vendor, Eldorado Computing, Inc., is working to resolve this issue.

What if user privileges need to be edited?

Should insureds not be able to access one of their dependent’s information (i.e. a separated spouse) or if a dependent needs a unique User ID (i.e. child over 18), contact the WEBeci administrator at Pekin Life Insurance Company at 800-371-9622 to change or assign user privileges.

What if WEBeci says an employee is not in the system?

If your group plan requires a waiting period (i.e. 90-day waiting period), employees will not be able to access the system until they are eligible for benefits. If this does not account for the missing employee, contact the WEBeci administrator at Pekin Life Insurance Company at 800-371-9622.