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Suspect Fraud

Please be aware that Pekin Insurance cannot guarantee the privacy and security of any information that you send to us, or that we send to you, over the Internet. This website does not use encryption or any other method to ensure the privacy and security of electronic messages. As a result, your message could be intercepted by others who should not see it.

We ask that you carefully consider the content of the message you are about to send and avoid including sensitive information, such as your Social Security number or health benefits identification number, or confidential personal health-related information.

As an alternative to submitting an electronic message, you may contact Pekin Insurance‚Äôs corporate headquarters by telephone at 1-888-977-3546.

When Pekin Insurance receives your electronic message, it will be forwarded to the appropriate person for handling. By sending an electronic message to Pekin Insurance, you authorize us to respond to you by electronic message.

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