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No more bills going through multiple postal service departments with chance of human error.



Not just better for the environment, but also removing unwanted clutter and paper waste from your home!



Paper invoices sometimes take up to a week to arrive in the mail. Paperless bills are generated and sent instantly.



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Amount (Formerly Minimum Amount) Due:

Your payment of the amount due should be received in our office by the due date listed on the front of your invoice. Please allow adequate time if you are mailing your payment to us. You can make payments online or through our automated phone system. Payments received after 5:00 p.m. Central Time will not apply until the next business day. If the amount due is not received by the due date, your policy/policies may be subject to late fees or termination.

Billing Options:

We offer two billing options to our insureds:

Account Direct: In this plan, all the policies on your account are consolidated into one convenient bill. Payments received are applied to the amount due. Partial payments are applied respectively across all policies' minimum due balance. Payments received over the amount due will be applied to your next scheduled invoice.

Single Policy Direct: In this plan, all policies on your account are sent in separate bills, allowing you to make payments on individual policies. Payments received are applied to the individual polices' account minimum due. Payments made to each policy will only apply to that policy.

Note: There will be a $5.00 invoice fee for each invoice that generates. Refunds will not be issued until all premiums for all policies are paid in full.

Pay Plans:

We offer several pay plans for your convenience. Each policy can have a separate pay plan and will invoice on the respected bill plan you chose for your account. You can change your pay plan by contacting your agent. 

Available Pay Plans: 

Personal Insurance

Monthly/Crossroads Monthly: Your annual premium is divided into 12 equal installments

Quarterly:  Premiums are divided into 4 equal installments.

Semi-Annual/Annual:  Semi-annual premiums are divided into 2 equal installments. Annual premiums are due in full.

Business Insurance

Business Semi-Annual Policy Terms

Monthly/Crossroads Monthly: Your semi-annual premium is divided into 6 equal installments

Quarterly: Your semi-annual premium will be divided into 2 equal installments 

Semi-Annual: Your semi-annual premium is due in full 

Business Annual Policy Terms

Monthly/Crossroads Monthly: Your annual premium is divided into 12 equal installments 

Quarterly: Your annual premium is divided into 4 equal installments 

Semi-Annual: Your annual premium is divided into 2 equal installments

Annual: Your annual premium is due in full


20% Down Monthly Pay Plan: Your 20% down will be your first installment and the remaining balance will be divided over the remaining 11 installments 

Mortgagee Bill/Escrow Bill: Lien holder is billed for the home policy premium.

Payroll DED: Payroll Deduction taken from Pekin Employees or Pekin retirees.


Note: A down payment is required upon issuance on all pay plans. Making a partial payment will not change your pay plan. 

Fee Schedule:

$  5.00 - Invoice/Installment Fee: Charged each time an invoice is generated.

$  5.00 - Late Fee: Charged per policy if your payment is late and a notice of intent to cancel is issued.

$10.00 - Reinstatement Fee: Charged if your policy has cancelled and a reinstatement request has been approved.

$25.00 - Returned Payment Fee: Charged when your financial institution returns your payment as unpaid.

$**.** - Recapture Correction: Applies when a payment from one insured is misapplied to another insured's account and needs to be corrected. If you see this correction on your account, we have fixed the error. You have not been charged.

Policy Changes:

Please contact your Pekin Insurance Agent to make any policy changes. Policy changes that increase or reduce your premium will be reflected on future invoices within that policy period.

Cancellation Notice:

You will still have coverage up to the termination date listed on your termination notice, and you may receive an invoice for coverage due up to the termination date.  Please pay this premium by the due date to avoid collections.

Audit Premium (Business Insurance)

Any additional premium due as a result of an auditable policy is due in full once the audit is complete. If your account or policy is set up as EFT, then we will advise you of the additional amount that will be withdrawn from your bank account on the due date. If the audit is unpaid, it will result in the cancellation of your current policy term for that policy. If there is return premium as a result of your audit, then we will apply the return premium to any current premiums due based on your invoicing plan.