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For more than 90 years, Pekin Insurance has been investing in the people and the communities we serve. We offer our employees stability, challenge, and growth. Whether you’re a recent college grad or looking to advance your career, Pekin Insurance will provide you with a dynamic, rewarding career path that will use your talents and challenge your abilities.

Are there any current job openings at Pekin Insurance?

Pekin Insurance is always looking for fresh, driven talent to join our team.  We are continually updating our job postings with new opportunities that could be a good match for your skills and help you grow your career.  Please browse through our available job openings by clicking our Current Job Openings at the top of the page and let us know if you think you’re a good fit for our team.

How is Pekin Insurance a career path and not just another job?

Most of us didn’t grow up with dreams of going into insurance as a career choice. We saved those dreams for what we deemed the more glamorous jobs – doctor, astronaut, Hollywood star, professional sports player. But did you know that insurance is one of the most recession proof-industries you can go into?  Whether the economy is up or down, Americans still need insurance. And because insurance companies tend to be fiscally conservative (measuring risk is our specialty!), we don’t have the massive flux in jobs other industries have experienced over the last decade. There is a consistent demand for our products and consistent demand for business professionals to fill our workforce.

What can I expect from joining the Pekin Insurance team?

We’re more than just a team of sales people. We’re a team of accounting professionals, business executives, human resource experts, trainers, legal compliance personnel, public relations and marketing gurus, underwriting professionals, risk assessment statisticians, and tax people – all working together to support our products and help us be the successful company we are today. Every person that joins our team receives extensive on-the-job training. But before that, you’ll be fully introduced to our culture. By immersing yourself in our mission and vision, as well as what we do and the values we stand behind, you will realize the positive impact we make every day. That’s because who we are is an essential part of our success.

How will Pekin Insurance invest in me?

Insurance is a very customer-centric business. Our policyholders are our number one priority. Because of this, we invest in things that make working with us easier. Our IT equipment is top-of-the line – making sure we are easily accessible for our customers and can track customer communications efficiently.  We also invest in our employees, offering excellent training programs and continuing education programs so you can bring more value to our policyholders.


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