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Funeral Preplanning

Talk of a Lifetime

Watch this informative video to help you have the “Talk of a Lifetime” with your loved ones.

Making it Easier for Your Family

Most of us don’t want to think about planning a funeral … especially when you’re healthy and busy enjoying life. But planning ahead not only makes it easier for your family when the time comes, it also offers you some financial benefit and ensures your wishes have been made clear.

How does funeral preplanning work?

When a person decides to prearrange and prepay for funeral expenses, the funeral director is required by law to place the money in “trust.” That’s why Pekin Insurance created our Pathway® life insurance product line. Pathway® products are a special type of pre-need insurance that assures families that the money set aside to pay for a loved one’s funeral will still be there in their time of need.

What are the financial benefits of preplanning?

As you age, health issues can be costly—especially if you need full-time care. Pathway® prearrangement insurance protects these set-aside assets during long-term care or illness. This can help alleviate any financial burdens on those you love.

What funeral preplanning options are available to me?

Pathway® products from Pekin Insurance are available in over 450 funeral homes throughout Arizona, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin. Because we know not every situation is the same, we have three different options so families can choose the one that makes the most sense for their budget.


Pathway® Single Pay is available to everyone from age 0 through 95. There are no medical questions to be answered. This is the most popular Pathway plan with 90% of all those preplanning choosing this option. For the first six (6) months, the Pathway Single Pay option returns premium paid plus a nominal growth increase. Beginning in month seven, the full death benefit (face amount) is paid. The Single Pay option also may receive face amount increases at each policy anniversary. These increases are based on interest compounded annually and are prorated to the month of death, beginning with month seven. This Single Pay plan is designed to minimize concerns about inflation’s impact on the future cost of a funeral.


Pathway® Multi-Pay is available to everyone from age 0 through 80. There are no medical questions to be answered. For the first two (2) years, the Multi-Pay option provides a graded or graduated death benefit (face amount) but will always pay no less than the premium(s) paid. After two years, the full death benefit (face amount) is paid. The Multi-Pay option also may receive face amount increases at each policy anniversary. These increases are based on simple interest. Plans are available on a 3-year, 5-year, 7-year, and 10-year payment plan basis. The Multi-Pay option offers many benefits, and your Pekin Insurance funeral director is licensed and trained to assist you in considering this option.


Pathway® Annuity is available to all ages and is our only option available to those age 96 and above. The Annuity option is normally funded with a single premium lump sum, but flexible payments can be made at younger ages or when multi-pay life insurance is not feasible. It is also a non-qualified plan, and unlike the Single and Multi-Pay life insurance options, increases in value will eventually be subject to income taxes. Funeral Homes and their Directors affiliated with Pekin Insurance and its Pathway Division are uniquely qualified to help you with the preplanning process. They are licensed by the Department of Insurance and trained to discuss all facets of the Pekin Insurance products developed for the funeral profession. Contact us for the name of a Pekin Insurance Funeral director near you.

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