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Put a Healthy Smile on Your Pet’s Face

Many people think that being a pet owner is a simple thing: you walk them, feed and water them, and show them love. There are so many other components involved in being a responsible pet owner. One important component is pet dental hygiene. This is an area of pet care that many people often overlook or simply are not aware of. The truth of the matter is that pets, like humans, need to have their teeth cleaned to stay healthy. Granted, this is not an easy task. Try brushing three labs’ teeth! Luckily, with my dogs, I started taking care of their teeth at a very young age, so this has become a very normal thing for them. There are some important things to remember when it comes to taking care of your pet’s teeth.

First, never use a human toothpaste. This product is not formulated for a dog’s anatomy and can hurt your pet. You must use special dog toothpastes that are sold at pet care stores. Another thing to remember is to take it easy at first, particularly if your pet is not used to having its teeth cleaned. It is, of course, easier if you start dental care for your pet at a young age; however, if you do start a dental regime later in your pet’s life, you must ease the animal into it. A pet who is not used to having its teeth cleaned may instinctively want to nip at you. You can purchase special pet toothbrushes that can make it easier to brush a pet’s teeth.

It is recommended to brush your pet’s teeth daily. Their teeth get plaque buildup which leads to tarter, just like humans. Also, pets can suffer from gum issues and bad breath. All of these things can be prevented with good dental hygiene. When you brush your pet’s teeth, look for anything unusual like bleeding gums or anything else out of the ordinary. Also, make sure to schedule your pet’s routine checkups. As part of this exam, your vet will look at your pet’s mouth to make sure that there are no issues present. Also, your vet is a valuable source of information for tips and tricks in taking care of your pet’s teeth.

Owning a pet can be very rewarding; pets love us unconditionally, are always there for us, and bring us companionship. For all that they give us, we must give back and take care of their basic needs such as oral hygiene. I know that it seems like a daunting task: not only to have to tend to your own dental hygiene but also to have to focus on your pet’s care each night. If you try to take care of your pet’s teeth at the same time you take care of your own teeth at night, it makes it easier to get into the habit of doing it. Your pet will thank you!

William Bosch, CPCU, AIC
Commercial Lines Claim Representative

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