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Pets Need Exercise, Too

Exercise is an essential part of a great relationship with your pet. Pets that do not receive the proper amount of exercise will find other ways to act out, for example, by chewing on your shoes or carpet. The remedy is an easy one: exercise.

I know that it may conflict with your busy schedule or lifestyle, but there are many options to get your dog exercise. Obviously, you have the ability to walk your dog, but what happens when the weather turns nasty? Let’s face it; we do live in the Midwest.

I have found that something as simple as tossing a ball down your hallway for 5 to 10 minutes can run enough steam off your pets so that you can relax for a nice evening without them causing trouble. Also, when the snow falls, which it will, make sure you leave some outside toys inside because throwing that tennis ball out into the snow for even 5 minutes will create enough exercise for your pet to last the entire evening.

So, you have tried playing with your pets inside and outside for 5 to 10 minutes and they still have too much energy. The other option is taking your dogs to a boarding place, where you can pay a daily rate for your pets to play all day and pick them up when you get off work. Think of it as pet day care. There obviously is a cost to this, but it is another way to get your pet plenty of exercise.

Furthermore, look into your town’s parks and recreation facilities because most cities have a dog park or parks dedicated to pets.

Please take the time to give your pets plenty of exercise. Not only is it good for them, it is good for the owner, as well.

Eric Roberts
Claim Adjuster
Appleton, Wisconsin Service Office

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