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Motorcycle Safety Courses

Motorcycle accidents are common but often avoidable with the right training and precautions. Where do you find out more? The Motorcycle Safety Foundation, of course. Located at, you can now do some of your training online besides the numerous local classes offered in nearly every state.

As a seasoned rider, I took the class with my son so I could reinforce what they were teaching him. I was surprised by the fact that what I had been doing for years was incorrect. I had learned as most do, from watching others along with trial and error. I discovered quickly my current practices did not come close to being the best method. I now can control my motorcycle with greater precision in a variety of situations. This has kept me out of danger many times.

Take a minute to look at the MSF website, watch a few videos, and better yet, sign-up for a class. Experienced or not, you will become a better rider. The instructors at the courses are trained to provide the best possible assistance. Each year they learn updated methods to ensure they are teaching the most current and proper methods of motorcycle operation and safety.

MSF offers several different classes depending on your location. MSF providers all have basic and intermediate classes, both of which provide the bikes for your use. They also have advanced rider classes using your own bike. Many also offer scooter, trike, and in limited areas, off-road motorcycle classes.

If you have never ridden anything other than a bicycle, that’s OK too. The basic class assumes you know nothing about clutches, shifting, starting, or handling a motorcycle. But by the end of the 20-hour program, you will indeed have a much better understanding and a good skill set to start riding. Many of the classes end with a test that even qualifies you to obtain your motorcycle classification without further testing.

Best yet, Pekin Insurance® offers a discount on motorcycle insurance for all riders who successfully complete any of the MSF classes. So why not take a class this spring, sharpen your skills, and save money at the same time. Check out today!

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