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Get your Motorcycle Ready for Riding Season

Even though it is still cold outside, spring is around the corner. This means spending more time outside, enjoying the warm weather, and breaking out that bike that has been sitting for the past few months. Here are some helpful tips to prepare your motorcycle after winter hibernation.

Check your owner’s manual for exact specifications on your motorcycle.

1. Put fresh fuel in your tank. If gasoline has been sitting in your tank all winter, then it has very likely deteriorated. Running your bike on stale fuel is harmful to the engine, especially on high-compression engines. It is also possible that condensation has formed in your tank. Take a look in your tank for any rust, debris, or condensation that could harm your bike. To be sure that fresh fuel is running through your tank, fill it up with a high-octane fuel.
2. Check your battery. This should be done a couple weeks in advance of spring so you don’t have to wait longer to have your first ride if your battery is toast. If your battery is dead, then use a battery charger that automatically starts up and turns off on its own.
3. Check your tire pressure. Don’t try to squeeze out every mile possible on your tires. Look for flat areas on the tires as it is very possible that air has seeped out of them over the winter. Make sure that tire pressure is up to specifications. Remember that your tires are there to keep you safe, and it is a good idea to replace them if necessary.
4. Check your oil and oil filter. If you didn’t change your oil before winterizing your bike, then change it before breaking it out for spring. All motorcycles are different, so take a look at your owner’s manual for your exact instructions.
5. Brake fluid should also be checked because it attracts a lot of moisture. Be sure to check and top off your brake fluid levels. Brake chains also need to be checked for wear. It is also good for your bike to add coolant to appropriate levels.
6. Finally, give your bike a good cleaning and you will be ready to go!

Colin Seidel
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