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Get Outside and Do Something!

Get outside and do something! How many times have we had to tell our kids to do that? With technology today, it has become more and more difficult to get kids outside and to stay active. One great way to have them burn off energy and learn many skills to help them in life is to have them play organized sports.

Here are a few benefits from getting kids involved in sports:

Active children = Active adults
Children that are active as children have a better chance of being active when they are older. Habits are established early in life and evidence suggests that physically active children are more likely to mature into physically active adults. Being an active adult can result in a lowering of blood pressure, reducing risk of heart attack, lowering stress levels, and living longer!

There is no “I” in team
Children who are part of a team learn many social skills that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives. They learn how to work as a team with a common goal in mind. They learn that there are people who they will get along with and some who they will not, but to be successful, they need to learn to work with all kinds of people to achieve the goals. They also will make many friends along the way, some they will keep with them for the rest of their lives. I met my best friend through sports by playing junior high basketball together. Granted, we had a lot of time to get to know each other sitting on the bench, but we became great friends and still are to this day.

Time Management Skills
In many instances, children who are in sports also learn the skill of time management. Both of my children are active in sports the entire year. They learn, especially during the school year, the importance of time management. Finding time to get your school work done while still playing sports can be difficult at times. You have to learn to be disciplined and manage your time to get everything done. That skill will help them be successful in any occupation they decide to do after school is over.

Create Confidence and Self Esteem
Playing sports is a huge self esteem booster for kids to help them find their “swagger.” They learn greater confidence by learning about their own strengths and capabilities. Many kids find themselves turning into natural leaders by learning leadership skills. They also learn how to teach others and create building blocks to become mature adults. My oldest son was asked by his coach recently to help teach a younger child on his team the position he plays. He is learning to become a mentor by helping to coach the other child. By doing this, he is learning to become a leader. Learning these leadership skills at a young age will be a big boost someday in the corporate world.

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