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Pekin PAK – Data Compromise Coverage

For eligible Pekin PAK Policies, Data Compromise Coverage provides coverage for 1st Party – Response Expense, 3rd Party – Defense and Liability, and Identity Recovery.


Section I – Response Expenses Coverage enables our insured’s business that has suffered a breach of personal information to provide a professional suite of services to their affected customers, clients, members, or employees including:

  • Forensic Information Technology Review ($5,000 Sub-Limit)
  • Legal Review ($5,000 Sub-Limit)
  • Notification to Affected Individuals
  • Services to Affected Individuals
  • Public Relations Services ($5,000 Sub-Limit)

Response Expense Coverage is provided with a $50,000 limit of insurance and is subject to a $500 deductible.

Section II – Defense and Liability Coverage provides coverage for defense costs and settlement costs in the event of a data breach liability suit by an affected individual against our insured.

A separate $50,000 limit of insurance is provided for Defense and Liability Coverage and is subject to a separate $500 deductible.

Identity Recovery Coverage provides coverage for case management services and expense reimbursement caused by “identity theft” of an “identity recovery insured” first discovered during the policy period.

Case management services afforded under identity recovery coverage is provided as needed for up to 12 consecutive months from inception of service. Subject to the annual aggregate limit for Expense Reimbursement Coverage of $15,000, the following Identity Recovery Coverages are subject to sub-limits:

  • Lost Wages and Child and Elder Care Expense joint limit – $5,000
  • Mental Health Counseling – $1,000
  • Miscellaneous Unnamed Cost – $1,000

Case Management Services has no deductible, and Expense Reimbursement coverage has a $100 deductible.

The total annual premium for Data Compromise Coverage providing 1st Party – Response Expense, 3rd Party – Defense and Liability, and Identity Recovery Coverage is $115.00.

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