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Attention Iowa Storm Victims

If you have suffered damage to your property from the recent storms, please report it immediately by clicking here or by calling our Pekin Insurance Call Center at 888-Pekin-11 (735-4611) (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) or calling your local Pekin Insurance Agent directly. Our Storm Team is located at Menards, 504 Iowa Avenue West in Marshalltown, and will go Beyond the expected® in settling your claims quickly and fairly.

Compare Life Insurance Options

How do you choose the right life insurance for you?

The right life insurance for you depends on your individual circumstances. How to choose? We’ve gathered some information to help you work through the options, based on what level of coverage you need and what level of premiums work with your budget.

Pick Your Coverage
Universal Life Insurance
Term Life Insurance to 95+
Preferred Whole Life Insurance
Simplified Issue Whole Life Insurance
Graded Death Benefit Whole Life Insurance
Transitional Life Insurance
Single Premium Whole Life Insurance
Easier Monthly PaymentsXXXX
Provider Inheritance for HeirsX
Accumulates CashXXXX
Guaranteed Level PremiumsXXX
Guaranteed Death BenefitsXXXX
Flexible PaymentsX
Level Death BenefitsXX
Guaranteed InsurabilityXXX

There’s a policy to fit every situation

Wondering what things to consider as you choose a life insurance policy? Here are a few hypothetical situations to help you think about what kind of policy would be best for your situation.

Just getting started
Josh and Sara are a young couple expecting their first child. Money is a little tight for now, but they expect to be more financially comfortable in a few years as they pay off their student loans and advance in their careers. They know it’s important to have protection just in case right now, and they’d like to have the protection there and paid for later in life. One good option would be Transitional Life Insurance. Should something happen while their child is young, the surviving parent and child would have the support they need. And they’ll have a guaranteed, paid-up policy in place for their later years.
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Looking out for the grandchildren
John and Marie have been fortunate. John made a very good living, and Marie was able to stay home with their three children. Now, after retiring, they’re wondering how they can leave a legacy for their children and grandchildren. They’d like to pass on a death benefit to each of their children and grandchildren, but they’d like it to be tax-free. The Single Premium Whole Life Insurance policy would be a good option for John and Marie.
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Young business owners
Jamal and Traci started their own business and it’s going very well. Universal Whole Life is a good fit for them, because it protects them both, as well as their business in case of anything happening to one of them. Any of the whole life options would also be good possibilities.
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Tight budget
Cindy is a single mother with two children. She understands the importance of having life insurance to provide for her children’s needs, but doesn’t have enough income to purchase as much as she’d like. Fortunately, she can afford to purchase a high level of protection using term life insurance. This kind of policy doesn’t build value, but it does provide a larger payout for a smaller monthly cost than other forms of life insurance.
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Protection and savings
Pete and Karen always knew they should get life insurance, but they kept putting it off. Now, in middle age, they’re concerned that they may have left it too long, and they’re afraid they might not be approved. Preferred Whole Life Insurance or Simplified Issue Whole Life Insurance would be good options for them.
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