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Pekin PAK

Enhanced Commercial Insurance at a Preferred Rate

As a business owner, you’ve worked hard to make your business what it is today. You keep your business property looking pristine. You value your employees and the work they do. But are you properly protected with the right amount of insurance for your business?

With the Pekin PAK Program from Pekin Insurance, we go Beyond the expected® to bring you valuable and innovative property and general liability coverages that reward you for maintaining a superior commercial property and the safety characteristics you ensure are met.

Over 70 Value-Added Coverages Included in Package

In addition to receiving preferred pricing, your commercial property and general liability insurance will automatically be enriched with numerous value-added coverages and enhancements. These include:

  • Accounts receivable coverage with a $100,000 inside and $5,000 outside limit.
  • Money and securities coverage with a $10,000 inside and $10,000 outside limit.
  • Outdoor sign (detached from building) coverage with a $10,000 limit.
  • Spoilage (power outage) coverage with a $10,000 limit.
  • Valuable papers and records coverage with a $100,000 inside and $5,000 outside limit.
  • Employee theft or dishonesty coverage with a $5,000 limit.
  • Enhanced medical payments coverage with limits increased to $10,000.
  • Voluntary property damage coverage with a $2,500 per occurrence and $5,000 per policy period limit.
  • Care, custody, and control property damage liability coverage with a $10,000 per occurrence and a $30,000 per policy period limit.
  • Enhanced damage to premises rented by insured coverage with limits increased to $300,000.
  • Automatic additional insured status for managers or lessors of premises when required in a written contract.

And that is just a sampling of all you receive! Download our Commercial Property Coverage Extension Endorsement and Commercial General Liability Enhancement Endorsement to compare our standard policies to our Pekin PAK Program endorsements.

You can even add on some optional coverages to further enhance the amount of commercial insurance your business has. This includes data compromise coverage, an increased limit of employee dishonesty coverage as well as a business income coverage that protects you from an actual loss (or business interruption) for up to twelve months after the covered direct physical loss (additional eligibility requirements apply).

Qualifying Businesses for the Pekin PAK Program

The Pekin PAK Program is the perfect commercial insurance addition for office buildings, retail stores, delicatessens, machine shops, self-serve car washes, distributors, libraries, office machine or appliance stores, woodworking shops, glass dealers and glaziers, and many more. To qualify you must meet the following conditions:

  • Physical condition of building must be excellent.
  • Housekeeping must be excellent.
  • All stairs and steps must be equipped with handrails.
  • All exits must be clearly indicated with lighted signs.
  • Building should be built for intended use of occupant.
  • Electrical systems should be up to code, designed for intended use, and not overloaded.
  • Smoking must be prohibited in the building.
  • Paints and flammable liquids must be stored in approved enclosed cabinets or containers, if applicable.
  • Buildings must be newer than 35 years of age.
  • Owner should have at least 3 years of experience in managing the business.

See what Pekin Insurance can do for you.

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