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How to File an Auto Claim With FlashFix

FlashFix snaps into action when your car gets damaged.

Fender benders and runaway grocery carts are your car’s natural enemies. Dealing with the damage is never a good time, but the FlashFix web app makes the auto claim process lightning quick.

With FlashFix, you use your cell phone to take photos of your damaged vehicle. A Pekin Insurance claim representative creates an estimate based on those photos.

FlashFix, which is designed for low-impact, low-damage claims such as minor fender benders, can take days off the normal auto claim process.

How FlashFix Works

1. You Make a Claim

Report vehicle damage by calling the Pekin Insurance P&C Claim Department at 888-735-4611.

2. The Claim Representative Makes an Assessment

You describe the damage, and the claim representative makes an initial assessment. The amount of damage determines if FlashFix can be used.

3. You Receive a Link

If you agree to use FlashFix, the claim representative sends you a link through a text message.

4. You Use FlashFix

Click the link and follow the instructions to submit your claim. Use your phone to scan the vehicle’s VIN and take a series of photos, including the damage.

The claim representative creates an estimate after you submit your photos. You review a digital version of the estimate through FlashFix.

What’s Next?

FlashFix is free to use if you’re a Pekin Insurance auto policyholder.

Plus, you’ll have access to our Pekin Preferred Auto Body Network in conjunction with FlashFix. You might not know where to take your vehicle, so the Pekin Preferred Auto Body Network will put you in touch with an auto repair shop that guarantees their work.

So, what are you waiting for?

Talk to your local, licensed Pekin Insurance agent today if you don’t have budget-friendly auto coverage in place.

Call Toll-Free 1-800-322-0160