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The Unexpected Average Cost of Owning a Dog in the First Year

Posted by on Oct 7, 2015 in Blog, My Favorite Things

Most people underestimate the average cost of owning a dog, especially in the first year. The upfront costs can quickly pile up and overwhelm you if you’re not prepared. Puppies have a mysterious power over us. One look into their wet, doughy eyes and all sense of rational thinking and reason are thrown to the wind. Checks quickly tear from their captive books, credit cards swipe furiously through machines, and we cuddle and laugh all the way home, happy as can be. It’s a great feeling–until reality sets in. You go to the pet store, you go to the vet, you go to the groomer, and then you take a look at your checking account. Whoa. Didn’t expect that to happen, right? The average cost of owning a dog is not something many people take into account when they...

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A Kitchen Appliance Maintenance Checklist to Avoid Costly Repairs

Posted by on Oct 5, 2015 in Blog, My Favorite Things

Consistent kitchen appliance maintenance can save a lot of money for little time. Use this checklist to focus on your upkeep and to make your kitchen investments last as long as possible. You wake up on a typical Monday morning, go through your usual routine, and start a pot of coffee. As you sit down with your steaming cup and check your emails for the day, the refrigerator starts to make a low, humming noise. You don’t know why it’s happening, but one thing strikes you right away: it sounds like money draining out of your bank account.Consistent kitchen appliance maintenance can save you the hassle of unexpected repair costs. It’s much easier to keep up with these appliances than you’d expect. The key is to treat these expensive items as investments–you want to maintain them for as long...

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