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Why Use an Independent Agent

Pekin Insurance is proud of its independent insurance agency force that provides our policyholders with the highest levels of quality and value that go Beyond the expected.® They can offer you security and peace of mind no matter where your life’s path may lead.

Here is a comparison to demonstrate the differences you will find if you buy an auto, home, business, life, or health insurance policy from an independent insurance agent versus buying your insurance online.

Independent Agent vs Online Buying

Pekin Insurance Independent Agent

Who is an Independent Agent?

Independent agents work and live in your community nurturing a relationship of trust and goodwill as a −

  • Baseball coach
  • City Council member
  • School Board member
  • President of Chamber of Commerce
  • Local Business Owner
  • Neighbor
  • Parent
  • Scout leader
  • Church choir member
  • Volunteer fireman
  • Volunteer EMT
  • Neighborhood block captain
  • Member of PTA
  • YMCA board member
  • Volunteer senior center caregiver

You wouldn’t −

  • Plumb your own home
  • Represent yourself in court
  • Repair your own vehicle
  • Fill your own cavities
  • Give yourself a flu shot
  • Cement your own driveway
  • Cut down your trees
  • Lay your own carpet

You get the idea! So, don’t buy your own insurance without first talking to an independent insurance agent who has your best interests at heart and is committed to finding the right insurance coverages for your individual insurance needs.

For auto, home, business, life, and health insurance, contact an independent Pekin Insurance agent today—he or she will go Beyond the expected® to provide you with the peace of mind you need.

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