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What Safety Impression Does Your Business Make?

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. When people look at the exterior of your business, what impression do they have when they see your facility? Now is a good time of the year to make any needed repairs, and here are some items to consider.

Are the parking lot, sidewalks, and stairs properly maintained and free from slip and fall hazards? Parking lots should be routinely inspected and repaired to prevent potholes or large cracks from developing. Sidewalks can develop uneven walking surfaces that need to be repaired to prevent trips and falls. If you have a stairway, handrails should be provided if there are 4 steps or more. In the winter, do you have a snow and ice removal plan in place?

If you have landscaping areas around your building, are you properly maintaining them by trimming, removing weeds, and routinely mowing the grass? Do you have outside storage on your property? Is the outside storage safely arranged and in order?

Are your windows and window frames in good condition? If you have a frame building, when was the last time it was painted? How about the roof; are there any loose shingles? When was the last time the roof was repaired?

Don’t forget to check the rear of the building. Sometimes the rear of the building is wrongly used as an area to discard items; the rear of the building should look as good as the front.

“A picture is worth a thousand words,” so take a picture of your business. Is this the safety impression you want your business to make?

Jim Mack, ACLM
Loss Control Manager

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