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Universal Life Insurance

Are you looking to get more out of life insurance?

You likely have several financial goals that you want your life insurance to help you accomplish that go beyond providing for a surviving spouse or other family member. Universal Life Insurance is a whole life insurance option that can help you do just that.

This plan is designed for guaranteed level monthly payments rather than a lump sum, and the policy accumulates cash. As are all forms of whole life, this version is a lifetime policy.

How can Universal Life Insurance help my heirs?

This type of life insurance is an ideal part of estate planning, and it’s a great product to purchase for your children while they’re still young. It’s helpful for funding a child’s college education and in providing an inheritance for your heirs.

How can the policy’s accumulated cash help me while I’m alive?

While living, you can access a Universal Life Insurance policy’s accumulated cash value to better handle an unexpected event, pay for a college education, or even use as supplemental income in retirement.

What about long-term care?

A Long Term Care rider can be added to this type of insurance to help cover costs associated with nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and home health care. We believe you will find the cost of a Long Term Care rider to be less expensive than that of a traditional long term care policy.

If you need assistance to figure out which plan is best for you, contact an agent. You may also try our life needs calculator or our Frequently Asked Questions.

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