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Attention Eastern Illinois Storm Victims

If you have suffered damage to your property from the recent storms, please report it immediately by clicking here, calling our Pekin Insurance Call Center at 888-Pekin-11 (735-4611) (24 hours a day, 7 days a week), or calling your local Pekin Insurance Agent directly. Our Storm Team is located at County Market, 1628 Georgetown Road, in Tilton and will go Beyond the expected® in settling your claims quickly and fairly.

Tarp It to Save It!

As a roofing contractor, you are, no doubt, aware of how important it is to properly tarp a roof when it is under construction. It is also important to properly tarp after a storm or other mishap causes damage.

As an underwriter, I know how critical it is to do it right so as to not cause further damage and have a possible claim looming on the horizon due to an improperly tarped roof.

Failure to tarp at all, “No need, Joe, look, it’s SO SUNNY outside!” could result in denial of a claim if one is brought against a contractor. A roof is thought to be “open” by Pekin Insurance if the wood shell is exposed or removed and if the roof has been left unattended for 4 hours.

The tarp itself is important and weight is the key. Some recommend a weight of no less than 6 oz per square yard. Some recommend 2x4s rather than 1x3s. For tips and pointers, visit the two following links: and

Remember, tarp it to save it! And be careful up there!

Regina S. Zabinski, CPCU, ARM, AU
Commercial Lines Underwriter

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