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Shock Crazy or Not

My previous inclination of a shock collar was that it was simply inhumane to use on your pet. I came to find out after vast research that a shock collar can actually be used as an effective training method.

A key component to this is properly setting the shock collar to provide discomfort (i.e., a pinch), not full-out pain. Your pet should look around and shake its head after the shock, not jump 3 feet into the air.

To begin your training regime, pick a few behavioral problems your dog has. These things could be barking, digging, chewing, or jumping. Once you have chosen these things, work on one at a time and do not waver. Be very consistent with hitting the shock button followed by saying a key word that you want to associate the shock with: bad, down, off, etc. What the ideal situation would be and what you are working towards is not having to use the shock collar at all but just the key word and your dog will listen.

We have had the shock collar for a month and have used it for barking and jumping. We picked barking first, and every time he would bark, we hit the shock collar and said “bad.” After just a week, we used the shock rarely and used the key word primarily to keep our dog from barking. Now, a month later, our dog rarely barks at all.

This tool has made our dog listen so much better, and we rarely have to shock him anymore.

When looking for a shock collar, the price can be the biggest determinant, but please shop wisely. We chose our shock collar because you can charge it and do not need to buy batteries frequently. Also, ours has a tone button that can be used with the key word to deter your dog from misbehaving.

Eric Roberts
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