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Saving a Stray

What do you do when a stray dog is walking around your neighborhood? Do you leave it alone or do something?

We recently had a dog wandering our street and were unsure about what to do. We decided put out a bowl of water to get his attention. This lured him out of the street and gave us a chance to check his collar for an I.D. tag with his owner’s contact information. Since there was no tag on his collar, we had no idea what to do next.

We thought about it, and then called the local shelter. They called the local police department, who picked up the dog. The police told us they would put the dog’s picture on several lost dog websites and would take him to the shelter. The dog would be kept there for a week to give its owner a fair amount of time to locate him. If no one picked up the dog, he would be put up for adoption with a new, loving family.

With a little effort, you can help a stray dog find a home. And please, make sure your pets are wearing I.D. tags with your contact information.

Eric Roberts, AIC
Claim Adjuster

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