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Save Even More With the Walmart App

So have you heard about the Walmart app that can help make your shopping experience more profitable and rewarding? The app is called the Savings Catcher. It is Android- and iOS-compatible. If you do not have a smartphone, you can go to and click on Savings Catcher to enroll.

What Is Savings Catcher?

Savings Catcher is a program that compares prices on eligible items you purchase from Walmart with local competitors in your area and allows you to collect the difference in prices in two different ways.

  1. Walmart Rewards eGift Card (example: My totals show I have $50.00 saved, and I want to use this card. I would have exactly $50.00 to spend at Walmart.)
  2. Bluebird by American Express Card (example: If I have saved $50.00 in receipt purchases and I choose this card, I would have $100.00 to spend. This card is currently matching your savings.)

The amounts credited to the card of your choice can be used for purchases exclusively at Walmart or online at

How Does It Work?

Your receipt(s) can be submitted in two different ways:

  1. Enter the receipt number (TC number) located at the bottom of the Walmart receipt at or in the Walmart Android or iOS app.
  2. Or, you can scan the code at the bottom of the receipt by using the scanner in the Savings Catcher section of the Walmart app.

There is no minimum amount in purchases to participate. Eligible receipts need to be submitted within 7 days or less of receipt date. Savings Catcher can take up to 72 hours to compare prices on a submitted receipt(s). Additional information regarding this app or the Savings Catcher program can be found at

This app is very easy to use and very rewarding, not to mention the amount of money you can earn toward food and products of your choice.

Start shopping and start saving!

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