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Safety for Small Business

Our new blog “Safety for Small Business” will provide you with simple and informal resource material you can use to find solutions that will work for you and your growing business.

What is a small business?

Small businesses are those that have less than 50 employees.

Safety at small businesses.

Several studies in the past have provided evidence that small establishments have higher death or injury rates than larger establishments. Also, studies have found that the small, single location establishment was safer than a similarly sized worksite that was part of a larger firm. My experience would back that up; when I see the owner “on the floor,” most of the time I see a safer operation. When employees work at various locations is when I tend to see the degree of safety vary by site.

What help does OSHA provide for small business?

Some small business owners incorrectly believe health and safety
legislation does not apply to them. OSHA has materials available for small businesses at This link provides numerous resources for the small business owner. We will provide more OSHA information in upcoming blogs; however, we will not focus this blog on OSHA compliance.

How can Pekin Insurance Loss Control help my company?

Pekin Insurance is committed to helping our policyholders control their loss exposures. We know that staff at small businesses wear many hats, and we can assist them in the management of their safety program. Using this blog, we will communicate timely information that our policyholders can use to implement a small business safety program.

Jim Mack
Loss Control Manager

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