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Sadie Left Her Pawprints on Our Hearts

Sadie, our dear beloved dog, was just a mutt, but she was our family, our best friend, and the princess of the house. We made the difficult decision to end her life after she experienced seizures due to a brain tumor in April of last year. Anyone who has lost a pet will understand the true sadness that my husband and I felt at her passing. We will never again experience the love in her big, brown eyes and the tail that fiercely wagged when she saw us. She was so connected to us, and her passing has left a huge void in our lives. Over eight months later, every time we mention her name, our eyes still filll with tears. We were so surprised at how quiet and empty the house felt without Sadie. We continue to come home from an afternoon or evening out and we expect to hear her running to greet us.

In her younger puppy years, she loved spending time outside with us in the yard. I would tell her to run like the wind, and off she went with a glance back to make sure that I was still there watching her. She loved sleeping in bed with us at night. Snuggling in between us, she would let out a huge sigh right before she went to sleep. Moments like these will always stay with us. She truly left her pawprints on our hearts.

She sat beside my husband nearly all day seemingly protecting him from any problems he might face. If I was feeling down or sick, she always seemed to know, and I could sense her caring in her eyes and the tilt of her head. She never required much from us; a bowl of food, a bowl of water, and someplace warm to sleep was what made her satisfied. But, she gave us all her love and was a best friend that never challenged anything that we did.

One of her absolute favorite activities to do was ride in the car with my husband. All he had to say was “car” and she came bounding off her bed ready for an adventure in the car. She seemed to know when she wasn’t allowed to go on an outing and would go back to her bed and pout. We are certain that there are open car windows in doggie Heaven so she can hang her head out and feel the coolness and thrill of the wind on her head!

Our veterinary clinic took a mold of her pawprint after she was gone, and it hangs on a hook in our kitchen. It’s a reminder of the treasured pet that we once had. The clinic also sent us a
sympathy card, and everyone in the clinic signed it. The vet wrote that we had been such good parents to Sadie. Those two gestures meant so much to us, and we appreciated the caring that they showed to us at our time of loss.

It has not been easy writing this blog. The sadness of letting go will remain with us forever. We lost a treasured companion, but it does help to recall the special times that we did share with her. She nuzzled our souls and we will never forget Sadie!

Fran Stroemer, FLMI, ACS
Creative Director

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