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Return to Work Program is Necessary for Business Success

How can you make your business more productive while reducing costs? A Return to Work program may be the answer.

As any business owner knows, a workers compensation claim costs you money. Sure, the insurance company pays for medical bills and lost wages to the employee, but that doesn’t mean your business doesn’t incur costs. First, there’s the productivity lost because an injured worker isn’t working. A new or temporary worker may be able to pick up some of the slack, but it takes time and money to train a new employee. Second, a workers compensation claim may mean your insurance premium will go up. If your workers compensation claims are more than your competitor’s, you are going to be paying more for your insurance—and decreasing your competitiveness.

What is a Return to Work program, and how can it help you? A Return to Work program is simply a set procedure for getting an injured worker back to work earlier than normal. Of course, the worker is still injured, so the work duty is generally less strenuous than before the injury. As the injury heals, increasingly more strenuous work can be done. Getting an injured worker in a work
environment early has been shown to decrease healing time, decrease feelings of ill will between the employee and employer, and increase the likelihood that an employee will return to your business when healed. Decreased healing time means lower workers compensation expenses. As a business, you’re getting some productivity from the worker while also helping him or her recover faster. An
employee will be getting wages (reduced) from you and lost wages from the insurance company. The wages from the insurance company will be reduced because the employee is able to earn some wages by working. Again, this means lower workers compensation expenses. It’s a winning scenario for both parties. You can reduce your expenses (lowering your insurance premium) while getting some production, and the employee is able to heal faster and still receive wages.

A Return to Work program is just another way a safety program can help your business.

Dave Humpal
Loss Control Representative

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