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Pekin Insurance® Supports the Invaluable Efforts of the Illinois Fire Service Institute (IFSI)

Pekin Insurance has partnered with the Illinois Fire Service Institute to demonstrate our support of their commendable efforts to enhance and provide firefighter training across the full spectrum of first responder needs and to support their Firefighter Life Safety Research Fund.

Today’s firefighters face a dynamic and changing work environment – from the fireground to the disaster scene. In order for today’s firefighters and first responders to be prepared to meet the
challenges of these often high-risk environments, intensive training is required. In addition to the need to be skilled in the use of new equipment and technologies, today’s firefighters are called upon to deal with a host of new hazards, rescue situations, and fire characteristics.

Illinois Fire Service Institute (IFSI) is a nationally-recognized leader in providing this instruction. Over 93% of all training delivered by IFSI is for firefighters. IFSI works hard to ensure this training remains affordable to all fire departments, but many departments remain fiscally challenged and are unable to provide this training.

Live-fire structural burns are at the core of the IFSI training model and are essential in the replication of real-life situations. Illinois is one of the only programs in the country that uses live-fire structural burn training.

IFSI is also a national leader in developing research-based solutions to the problems and perils faced by firefighters.

Their successes have come from their commitment to applied-science research—the development of knowledge and technologies that have a direct impact on firefighters’ work. Their research projects
focus on reducing risks for firefighters and protecting the general public and physical structures from the unwanted effects of fire. These action-oriented studies focus on:

• Individual firefighters – Physical fitness, psychology, physiology, and other human factors that affect the health and safety of first responders.
• Environment – Impact of fireground environment on the health and safety of firefighters and the effect of suppression techniques on structures.
• Tools and equipment – Research, development, and testing of tools, equipment and technologies for fire suppression and rescue scenarios.

For more information concerning the worthwhile efforts of the Illinois Fire Service Institute, visit

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