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Pekin Insurance® Participates in American Red Cross Ready Rating™ Program

All businesses exist in a challenging world. A well-crafted emergency response plan is critical in planning for the unexpected. The American Red Cross has created a new Ready Rating program which aids an organization in gaining a better understanding of the principles of emergency response and creating their own solid emergency response plans. Their recent research has shown that more than half of Americans say that they don’t feel
prepared for an everyday emergency, let alone a catastrophe. Because emergencies can happen at any time, there is a constant need to prepare for emergencies. The Ready Rating program is a tool to help organizations solve this problem.

Pekin Insurance has enrolled in the new disaster planning program and has successfully completed the assessment and planning tools. The company has established a Safety Board with a central focus of overseeing employee safety, implementing effective evacuation procedures, and recording proper documentation. A Safety Committee has also been formed that consists of employees from every department in the company to help improve the level of preparedness for an unexpected catastrophe or disaster.

Some of the preparedness events that have taken place have been fire extinguisher training, AED/CPR training, developing documentation of safety plans and procedures, and holding safety meetings on a monthly basis.

As a company, Pekin Insurance strives to create a safe work environment for its employees and agents and insureds who visit their buildings. Emergencies are inevitable. Pekin Insurance is proud that they and their employees have made great advancements with the American Red Cross Ready Rating program in becoming better prepared for emergencies and possible disasters. Thanks to the program, they will continue to know what steps to take in the future to improve their readiness for whatever unexpected events may occur.

If you are interested in improving your level of emergency preparedness, visit to find out how you, too, can become a Ready Rating™ partner so your business, school, or organization can better protect those who count on you for a safe enviroment.

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