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Pekin Insurance Moves Claim Operations to Newly Renovated Building in Pekin

Pekin Insurance recently opened its new Property/Casualty Claim Building at 120 North Parkway Drive in Pekin, Illinois.

Due to a shortage of space and the need for improvements in the company’s Home Office facility, the company purchased the vacant building in Pekin in October 2012. The 28,740-square-foot building, located on 3.8 acres of land, has 18,620 square feet of finished office space and is less than five minutes from the Home Office facility on Court Street. Construction and renovation began earlier this year with modifications and improvements to both the interior and exterior of the building. Not only does the new facility provide needed space, it also offers an option for disaster recovery should something happen to the current Home Office facility.

In the design of the Pekin Insurance Parkway Office, safety for the employees working there is a critical issue just as it is at the Home Office. Two FEMA-rated safe rooms were constructed that will provide “near-absolute protection” in extreme weather events, including tornadoes. The two rooms are centrally located in the building, and each will house up to 80 individuals.

The new building houses nearly 100 employees who are integral members of the company’s property/casualty claim operation. Employees range from claim managers, adjusters, subrogation specialists, workers compensation specialists, property and physical damage personnel, and claim representative to customer service representatives.

For nearly a century, Pekin Insurance has prided itself on the claim service that they give to policyholders that goes Beyond the expected® to help people put their lives back together again after an unfortunate disaster. When a tragedy strikes, peace of mind becomes a tangible commodity through the professional claim service efforts of the Pekin Insurance property/casualty claim operation.

The new building has the same hours of operation as the Home Office, which are 7:45 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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