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Independent Agencies

Become Our “Partner In Insurance”

The following describes the professional independent insurance agents who we at Pekin Insurance proudly call our “partners in insurance.”

  • Trusted Friend
  • Community Leader
  • Respected Businessperson
  • Goes Beyond the expected® for Insureds
  • Dedicated Insurance Salesperson
  • Seeker of Challenges Who Anticipates the Future

Our company takes pride in its agency force and truly believes that our “partnership” is the reason for our success. The trust earned by our agents in their communities has enabled our company to grow and prosper since 1921. Obviously, products, rates, and agents’ incentives are important, but the trust and respect of our agency force are the prime ingredients for the growth of Pekin Insurance. Our philosophy is to meet social change, competition, and economic fluctuations with prudent management and the support of our independent agency system. Pekin Insurance believes in the independent agency system so strongly that we have several independent agents on the company’s Board of Directors. With this cooperation between the independent agent and the company, we have met success in the past and look forward to the future. Apply now

Why Choose Pekin Insurance?

  • Broad portfolio of P&C and L&H products
  • Competitive Rates
  • Attractive Commissions
  • Training Department
  • Co-op Advertising Program
  • Company Trips
  • 24-Hour VIP Claim Service
  • Profit Sharing
  • Contract Upload/Download Capabilities
  • Qualified Field Representation
  • Agency Intranet Site
  • Bonus and Awards Programs
  • Full Product Rating Capabilities
  • Innovative Coverage Endorsements
  • Realistic Production Requirements
  • Innovative Business Plans
  • Accessible Senior Management

Become an Agent

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