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Matching the right Company, Agent, and Jewelry Store.

Just as your customers have choices of where to go for their jewelry needs, you have choices with your insurance. It is likely that every agent call will tell you they can write business insurance. However, what they may not know is your business! AND, even if they know about the jewelry store business, does the company they are placing you with know about your business? We at Pekin Insurance specialize in your business. We have the coverages and claims experience to handle the unique needs of a jewelry store business. Our independent agents have all of our resources available to them to make sure you can make the right choices when it comes to the coverage you need. Would you like to speak with one of our agency specialists?

Some of the coverages you may need:

• Building
• Business Personal Property
• Business Income and Extra Expense
• Equipment Breakdown Coverage
• General Liability
• Commercial Auto
• Workers Compensation
• Crime Coverage
• Umbrella Coverage
• Life Insurance

For more information, talk to your independent Pekin Insurance agent.

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