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Minimize Workplace Injuries With Tailgate Lifts

Two consistently major causes of serious employee injuries are lifting and handling materials. Lifting heavy products or items and loading and unloading trucks are especially likely to cause serious employee injuries. Many companies in the service, delivery, and construction industries use a tailgate lift to help minimize the risk of injuries, but many do not.

A hydraulic tailgate lift is an excellent safety control to consider if your employees have an exposure with loading and unloading items from truck beds. The cost of a tailgate lift is small compared to the cost of a workers compensation claim and the impact that claims will have on a company’s experience modifier.

A hydraulic tailgate lift can be purchased for almost any size truck, from a compact pickup truck to a full-size delivery/straight truck. These gates can be lowered to the ground so the employee can easily place the item onto the lift gate. Hydraulics lift the item to the bed of the truck, and it is then much easier to position the item onto the truck, either manually or with other equipment such as a pallet jack or hand cart.

Some of the common types of these lifts are the Tommy Gate, Anthony, Maxon, Thieman, and Leyman liftgates. If your business has these types of materials handling exposures, you should certainly evaluate these lifts to help make the work your employees do much easier and safer.

Ed DeDolph
Senior Loss Control Representative

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