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Water and Wastewater Line Coverage

Make sure both your water and wastewater lines are covered under this one comprehensive endorsement that covers costs associated with providing service to repair leaks or breaks to water and sewer lines caused by normal wear and usage.

The coverage provides up to $10,000 of coverage for the loss, damage, or expense to repair both the water and wastewater lines.

The annual premium for this coverage is $80, and the coverage is subject to a $250 deductible per loss.

Coverages associated with this endorsement:

  • Costs associated with providing service to repair leaks or breaks caused by normal usage.
  • Site restoration to ground areas outside the home if excavation is necessary for repair.
  • Any subsequent repair service to the same portion that occurs within 60 days of a prior covered repair service will be considered a part of the prior service and limited to applicable endorsement limits.
  • All repairs will comply with plumbing code requirements.
  • Additional coverages of $500 for sidewalks, road openings, driveways, and other paved surfaces and restoration of trees, shrubs, and structures if required for repairs.
  • Whether you are within the city or outside the city, this endorsement will cover your service line from the well or city water to your house or your service line from the septic or sewer to your house.

With Pekin Insurance’s Water and Wastewater Line coverage, you will have coverage when you need it most, along with claim service that will go Beyond the expected.®

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