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Voluntary Products

Our Voluntary Benefits program will help employees cost-effectively address their financial needs. The program includes three products—Voluntary Term Life, Voluntary Short Term Disability, and Voluntary Accident coverage—all created specifically to be purchased through payroll deduction.

Plan Highlights

Voluntary Term Insurance will provide valuable, inexpensive life insurance coverage to help families meet their financial responsibilities. According to a recent LIMRA study, 43 percent of Americans say they would suffer a financial hardship within six months if the breadwinner died prematurely. Voluntary Term is especially suitable for those looking to cover a mortgage, auto loan, credit card debt, or other general family financial obligations in the event of a premature death or for someone who just wants an inexpensive supplement to a group life plan.
Voluntary Disability Insurance will help protect employees’ most valuable assets—their paychecks. The Consumer Federation of America says almost 70 percent of employees have no income protection and 76 percent live paycheck to paycheck. Voluntary Disability Insurance will replace a portion of income to help offset the financial losses that result when employees are unable to work due to sickness or an off-the-job injury.
Voluntary Accident Insurance pays a cash payment directly to the insured for accidents, injuries, ambulance services, and other services in addition to what primary medical insurance pays. A recent survey shows that half of all households say that, even if they desperately needed to, they would not be able to raise $2,000 within a month to cover unexpected or emergency expenses. And with medical deductibles now averaging more than $1,000, employees today are looking for options on how they spend their benefits dollars to protect themselves and those they love. Voluntary Accident Insurance can help cover the unexpected costs that often come with an injury. And perhaps best of all, the cash payment can be used to pay for whatever is necessary.

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