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Attention Eastern Illinois Storm Victims

If you have suffered damage to your property from the recent storms, please report it immediately by clicking here, calling our Pekin Insurance Call Center at 888-Pekin-11 (735-4611) (24 hours a day, 7 days a week), or calling your local Pekin Insurance Agent directly. Our Storm Team is located at County Market, 1628 Georgetown Road, in Tilton and will go Beyond the expected® in settling your claims quickly and fairly.

Food Allergies Can Trigger Life-Threatening Reactions

Dave HumpalWhen serving food to your customers, it is important to be aware of food allergies.

About 2% of adults and 4-8% of children in the United States suffer from food allergies. Symptoms of a food allergy can range from the uncomfortable (hives, skin rash, abdominal cramps, or vomiting) to the life-threatening (asphyxiation). The most common food allergies are milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soybeans.

The following are steps you can take to ensure food allergy safety:

  • Train your staff to ask customers if they have any food allergies. Communicate those allergies to the kitchen.
  • You should disclose if any of the food you are serving contains food allergens if that is not apparent in the menu description. Examples might be a cookie using peanut butter or a sauce containing milk.
  • Avoid cross contamination by storing and cooking food allergens separately. For example, keep a deep fat fryer for shrimp and other shellfish separate from a fryer used for chicken and fries.

Remember, cooking may kill foodborne illnesses but will not affect the dangerous effects of food allergens.


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