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Distracted Drivers

Is there anyone you want to text or talk to that is worth going to prison for? None for me, but the number of distracted drivers is increasing every day, and the hazard they present on our roads is becoming a major concern around the country.

Recently a young man was the first person in Massachusetts to be sentenced to prison under a new law for an auto accident that kills someone. The driver was
texting at the time of the accident. Although most states do not have a law like this, the police and district attorneys are becoming more aggressive when dealing with drivers who have been or may have been distracted while driving. It certainly is easy enough for authorities to check your cell phone record to see if it was in use at the time of the accident.

If our commercial accounts do not have a cell phone policy, we strongly suggest they adopt one that strongly discourages or prohibits using a cell phone while
driving. We feel it is best to prohibit the practice and require drivers to pull over when it is safe and then return the text/call.

From a loss control perspective, it is better to have a driver safety awareness
program with positive and frequent safe driving tips to help your employees become better drivers and defensive drivers. However, it is also critical that we remind
employees and friends that driving and texting/talking on the phone can be fatal and can result in criminal prosecution and prison time. That is unfortunate, but it is part of the world we live in today.

Ed DeDolph
Senior Loss Control Representative

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