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We realize there are many differences between insurance carriers. For your patients who are insured with Pekin Life Insurance Company, we want to assist you in understanding their coverage, how to file a claim, and more. We have provided the following tools to assist you. If you still have questions or need more information, please call us for assistance. Call 800-371-9622 or by email.

Benefit Request

To request health coverage benefits, click on the link below.

Health Coverage Benefits


If your patient has an Underwriter/Grp number beginning with 006, you can now access a summary of their benefits online. You will need information from the member’s ID card to access benefits online.


Additional benefit plans will be added soon. Check back for access to other plans in the near future.

Current Underwriter/Grp numbers with benefits online:

006***   005***   009***   010***   001***

File a Claim

To help expedite your claim, it is always best to file based on the information provided on the back of your patient’s ID card. Not all claims for our members are filed to the same address. Not filing according to the unique instructions on each individual patient’s ID card could result in delayed claim handling.

We’ve provided a summary of all of Pekin Insurance’s medical coverage filing addresses. YOU MUST VERIFY WHICH IS CORRECT BASED ON YOUR PATIENT’S UNIQUE ID CARD. If you are unsure, please contact our Claim Department for filing assistance at 800-371-9622.

File A Claim

Claim Status

We want to give you immediate access to your patient’s Pekin Insurance claim history to assist with simplifying the insurance process for our members.

WEBeci allows you to review online a patient’s claim history, check the  real-time status of a claim, obtain all the same information you would find on an EOB, as well as confirm eligibility.

WEBeci Login

Feel free to contact the Health Claim Department with any questions you may have at 800-371-9622 or email.

*Pekin Life Insurance Company has contracted with Eldorado Computing, Inc., to provide WEBeci access.

Coverage Policies

To review our Medical Coverage Policies, click on the link below.
Learn More

Verify PPO Status

We want our members to get the most from their Pekin Insurance health plan. Choosing the correct in-network provider will help them get the highest level of benefit and you the highest level of reimbursement under the plan.

PPO Providers

Pre-Determination Request

You may file a request for Pre-Determination of Benefits online. This is for specific planned treatments that may need reviewed in advance such as a specialized surgery or treatment that could be deemed cosmetic, investigational or experimental under the plan.

*Note – This is NOT for general plan benefits. If you are in need of general benefit information, please use the BENEFIT REQUEST link above.

File Pre-Determination Request

Call Toll-Free 1-800-322-0160