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Internship Opportunities

At Pekin Insurance, students are offered internship opportunities designed to launch their careers. You can start your career with more than just real world work experience. Our programs for students provide a variety of career paths ranging from underwriting to marketing to actuarial science. No matter which path you choose, you’ll take on challenging projects, develop yourself both personally and professionally, and have the opportunity to make an immediate and lasting contribution to our company’s success.

What Internship opportunities are available at Pekin Insurance?

Pekin Insurance offers a variety of internship opportunities in many of the departments listed below. Take a look at our current job openings page for a list of the internships that are available.


The Accounting and Controllers Department’s primary role is to capture financial activity of both the Property & Casualty business and the Life & Health business. We systematically record the data and classify, analyze, and determine the appropriate method of reporting the effects of the financial activity. Financial statements are then prepared to communicate information about our organization’s financial activities and the results of those activities to various stakeholders such as management, regulatory authorities, and rating agencies. We attempt to contribute to the organization’s success by preparing accurate and informative financial data for timely distribution to our internal and external customers. We continually strive to enhance the value of the data presented thus allowing our customers the best opportunity to make informed decisions that will positively impact the companies’ financial success.

Administrative Services

The Administrative Services Department contributes to the company’s success by providing a wide variety of supporting services to ensure our employees and agents can deliver quality insurance products to our customers, while maintaining Pekin Insurance as a source of pride for the employees and community. The department is responsible for providing a safe and comfortable work environment, providing supplies to both internal and external clients, and managing the company fleet, as well as managing the successful mailing of all company correspondence, policies, and terminations. Additionally, we have an excellent on-site cafeteria for employees and visitors which was awarded the 40-Year Award of Excellence. Our department also is responsible for designing forms, printing company documents and agency forms, scanning company documents, and tracking over 50,000 forms in the document library. In addition, we are accountable for managing and tracking the assets throughout the company, general accounts payable, and management of the company’s rental property. Further, our department manages telecommunications company-wide, and our switchboard operators answer over 2,500,000 calls per year.

Commercial Lines Underwriting

The term underwriter is used in a variety of businesses and industries, but in insurance it is an individual who has the responsibility of making decisions regarding the acceptability of a particular submission, and if acceptable, then determining the price, coverage, and conditions in which the submission is satisfactory to Pekin Insurance Company.

Our responsibility in Pekin Insurance’s Commercial Lines Underwriting Department is to contribute to the overall financial success of the company by focusing on writing commercial business that meets our underwriting guidelines and profit expectations. We work with independent agencies that not only represent Pekin Insurance but also represent other carriers. Independent agents always have other options (other companies) they can choose to use. Our challenge is to write business that fits our appetite, makes a profit, and keeps our agents engaged with our organization so Pekin Insurance is their first choice for commercial business.

Financial Products

The Financial Products Department’s primary role for Pekin Life Insurance Company is the solicitation and administration of all aspects of the Credit Insurance product line. This entails appointing new accounts, servicing existing accounts, underwriting risk, processing new business, and administering claims. Our department contributes to the organization’s success by adding to policy count, premium income, and the overall profitability of Pekin Life Insurance Company. Credit insurance is marketed primarily through businesses where individuals secure financing and is designed to help borrowers pay off their debt in the event of death or a disability resulting from accident or sickness.

Human Resources

The Human Resources Department at Pekin Insurance is a strategic partner to the company as it strives to create and deliver HR programs and innovative solutions that are aligned with the organization’s goals. As HR professionals, we are passionate about delivering exceptional and customer-focused service, and fostering the company’s core values. Our core services include employee relations, recruitment and staffing, organizational and employee development and performance, payroll, compensation and benefits, and HR information management, as well as the promotion and enforcement of compliance with relevant laws and company policies.

Information Technology

The Information Technology (IT) Department primary role is to aid in the effective delivery of IT services that support both the Property & Casualty business and the Life & Health business, providing faster and better ways for our employees to do their jobs and for our policyholders and insurance agencies to access our services via the web and mobile devices. Such IT services include Software Development and Licensing, Web Design, Security, Architecture, Quality Assurance, Incident and Problem Management, Wide Area Networking, and Data Center Management. We strive to keep current in technology and to deliver the IT services in an effective and cost efficient manner.

Life Actuarial

The Life/Health Actuarial Department, through the building and maintaining of complex mathematical models, various statistical methods, and a thorough understanding of risk, finance, and investments, serves to position Pekin Life Insurance Company for optimal success by doing all of the following:

  • Developing innovative life, health, and annuity products that our agents can use to provide financial security to their clients.
  • Setting premium rates and cash values that balance the financial strength of the company with competitiveness and fairness to policyholders.
  • Setting policy and claim reserves that ensure that the company is adequately funding future claim obligations.
  • Negotiating and administering reinsurance treaties that protect the company from adverse claim experience.
  • Helping management understand the risks and financial implications of the products we bring to market.

Life Claims

The Life Claim Department is committed to fulfilling the promise Pekin Life Insurance Company made to our insureds and their families when their policy was purchased. We provide Beyond the expected® claim service for health, life, annuity, Medicare supplement, disability, dental, and long term care policyholders. Our top-notch service has allowed us to hit the ground running as a new Third Party Administrator for employers who self-fund their benefits. Our department’s goal is to exceed the expectations of our insureds, their families, our agents, and our entire organization.

Life Underwriting

The Life Underwriting Department’s primary functions are risk selection and customer service for all Pekin Life Insurance Company products. We process, underwrite, and issue all life, Medicare supplement, disability income, pre-need, and annuity applications. We gather information to analyze and make sound decisions in a manner that is both fair to the insured and profitable for the company. We provide our product to the customer in the form of an insurance policy representing valuable coverage. The Life Underwriting Department also provides customer service to the agent and insured through correspondence and telephone communication after the policy contract is in force. These services include quotes and questions or changes in coverage, beneficiaries, addresses, billing, or premiums. We strive to offer exemplary customer service and enhance the level of customer satisfaction by going Beyond the expected.®


The Marketing Department is responsible for maintaining and promoting the corporate image of Pekin Insurance to consumers, agents, and employees, as well as enhancing our relationship with our agency force. We accomplish this by creating and maintaining everything from the corporate website to sales material to agency events, as well as managing our agency contracts. Our contribution to the success of Pekin Insurance is defined by our ability to support our agency force in their sales efforts and by our ability to enhance our corporate relationship with our agency partners.

Personal Lines Underwriting

The Personal Lines Underwriting Department produces and services Property/Casualty insurance policies for individuals and families. We strive to provide the most complete and up-to-date coverage available to protect our policyholders from the risks associated with the ownership of their homes, autos, motorcycles, boats, etc. These coverages are offered at a competitive cost by making sound underwriting and pricing decisions. We also provide the best possible service to our agents and policyholders through courteous telephone service and efficient processing procedures. The success of our department is measured by our agents’ willingness to sell our products.


The Pre-Need Department has proven to be a successful part of Pekin Life Insurance Company through life insurance sales made by agents in the niche market of funeral home owners. We help families satisfy funeral home trust requirements with an irrevocable life insurance purchase, called our Pathway® Plan, when they pay their funeral arrangements in advance. Our department employs pre-need sales representatives who are our front-line ambassadors in the field building strong business relationships with our existing agents as well as promoting our company values, financial strength, and excellent pre-need products to prospective funeral home owners.

Property/Casualty Actuarial

The P&C Actuarial Department’s primary role is to calculate the price or rate the company charges for an insurance policy. We analyze the company’s profitability, growth, and competitive position. The department utilizes advanced statistical techniques to determine the optimal price to charge for an individual risk. We contribute to the company success by working with a variety of departments to determine a pricing structure that will promote profitable growth for the company.

Property/Casualty Claims

The Property & Casualty Claim Department employees are integral partners in communicating with our customers and providing customer service while handling their Auto, Home, and Business claims. The employees are always providing superior claim services that exceeds our customer’s expectations by fulfilling the promises made through the insurance policy our insureds purchased from us. They are dedicated to Beyond the expected® claim service and are essential to the company’s financial success by negotiating prompt, fair claim settlements as well as by managing claim expenses.


The Sales Department is tasked with the recruiting, training, and development of the agency force. We promote sales of property/casualty, life and annuity, group health, and GPS business through education, new business promotions, and technical support. Our team members are the ambassadors of the company to the agency force. We conduct daily face-to-face communications with the agency force through agency calls, agents meetings, and educational and sales training classes via our Field Managers and Training Department. Our in-house support staff tracks agency production, contest standings, and award levels along with supporting agencies in creating life proposals and website administration.

Does Pekin Insurance offer a Summer Internship Program

The Pekin Insurance Summer Internship Program includes a 10-12 week summer program where interns work a 40-hour work week from May to August. Intern candidates are generally recruited during September through December. Some of the benefits of a Pekin Insurance internship include customized intern orientation, corporate work experience, networking opportunities, and one paid holiday.

Current Job Openings

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