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Employment Process

Searching for a new job has its challenges and can lead to many questions. Below, we’ve provided a guide for job seekers and students to help you along the way. From clicking on “apply” to walking in the first day on your job, discover what you can expect during the recruitment and employment process at Pekin Insurance.

Job Seekers:  What should you expect?

Begin your job search by visiting Pekin Insurance Careers on our website and choose a job that best fits your job skills and talents.

  • Step 1. Once you have applied online, your resume and application will be reviewed by Human Resources and the Hiring Manager. Should your application meet the job qualifications, you will be contacted for a phone interview.
  • Step 2. If we determine that you are qualified for the position, the next step might be an on-site comprehensive interview to assess your achievements and qualifications. We want to know if you are a fit with our culture and business goals, and you want to know if Pekin Insurance is a match with your values and career goals.
  • Step 3. A part of our hiring process also includes various assessments, which help us evaluate your job-related abilities and aptitude.
  • Step 4. Based on the results of the interview, various assessments, and work-related references, you may be extended a job offer. Before you start, we’ll conduct an extensive background investigation including a criminal background check, previous employment verification, and a pre-employment drug screen.

The Pekin Insurance interview process is an opportunity to talk about your experiences and job knowledge and learn more about our company. Be prepared for the interview! Research our company and the position, and ask questions.


Many college students hear about Pekin Insurance internship opportunities well before ever visiting our website. That’s because Pekin Insurance posts many of our available internship positions on area college websites. Regardless of how you heard about the position, you will need to visit Pekin Insurance Careers to apply for the open position.

Current Job Openings

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