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Canine Communication

My family and I have a cocker spaniel for a pet. She is 7 years old and is very much a part of the family. When we eat dinner, she always seems to eat her dog food and drink her water. When we are in the family room sitting and talking, reading, or watching television, she is right there with us sitting at our feet. It has even gotten to the point that when we are going anywhere in the van, she hops right in and goes along for the ride.

I have always thought she was part of the family but a four-legged, furry member. However, about a month ago, I began to wonder if she could think and communicate like the rest of us. When it is time for bed, she sleeps in a crate. We tell her it is time to go home, and she goes into the crate and goes to sleep. On one particular evening, we went through our routine of telling her to go home and she began to go into her crate and then stopped. She then pulled out all her blankets and went into the crate and went to sleep.

We didn’t think much of this, and the next morning put the blankets back into the crate when she was outside. She came back in the house and went into the crate to lie down and, before doing so, pulled the blankets out onto the floor once again. Maybe it was time to wash the blankets? Armed with this thought, we did just that, and our family dog was sleeping in her crate with her clean fresh blankets. It appears our little furry family member can communicate and does so with conviction.

You wouldn’t ride in your car without making certain your family is protected by the proper auto insurance. That said, contact your local Pekin Insurance agent and ask about insuring your pets while they are riding around with you and your family. I’m sure your family pets would want it that way if they could only tell you.

Scott Homa, CPCU, AIC
National Claim Specialist

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