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Loss Control

Reducing & Eliminating Losses to Your Bottom Line

Accidents happen. Mistakes are made. All affect your bottom line. Thankfully, Pekin Insurance has a Loss Control program that helps reduce and often eliminate the occurrences of these undesired events.

What does the Loss Control Program do?

Our team will help you manage your losses through safety management, engineering controls, enforcement of established procedures, frequent training, and continuous evaluation.

How does the Loss Control Process work?

Sometimes it’s difficult to see what needs to be changed to improve business outcomes. Our Loss Control team will help management control the amount of losses you encounter with this proven five step process:

  1.  Analyze – We will provide an analysis of your operation to determine how your management controls currently in place are impacting your safety performance and review your loss history to determine if there are any trends.
  2.  Advise – We will discuss any recommendations we might have developed during our analysis.
  3.  Agree – If we develop recommendations, we will work with you to agree on how the recommendations can be implemented.
  4.  Assist – We can assist you in finding solutions to resolve your safety issues.
  5.  Monitor – We can help you monitor your safety progress.

What services does the Loss Control team provide?

Pekin Insurance Loss Control can help your business reduce its exposure to loss by providing the following services:

  • Property and Liability Surveys
  • Transportation/Fleet Safety
  • Workers Compensation
  • OSHA Compliance
  • Large Account Service
  • Safety Talks for Safety Meetings
  • Online Safety Training Courses
  • Checklists/Forms
  • Safety Management

Watch our video to see Loss Control in action and how it can affect your business’ bottom line.


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