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Billing Information – Commercial Lines

Pay Plans:

We offer several pay plans for your convenience. Each policy can have a separate pay plan and will invoice on the respected bill plan you chose for your account. You can change your pay plan by contacting your agent. Making a partial payment will not change your pay plan. The pay plans that are available are:

    Monthly pay plan: Your annual premium is divided into 12 equal installments
    20% down monthly pay plan: Your 20% down will be your first installment and the remaining balance will be divided over the remaining 11 installments
    Quarterly pay plan: Your annual premium is divided into 4 equal installments
    Semi-annual pay plan: Your annual premium is divided into 2 equal installments
    Annual pay plan: Your annual premium is due in full

Audit Premium:

Any additional premium due as a result of an auditable policy is due in full once the audit is complete. If your account or policy is set up as EFT, then we will advise you of the additional amount that will be withdrawn from your bank account on the due date. If the audit is unpaid, it will result in the cancellation of your current policy term for that policy. If there is return premium as a result of your audit, then we will apply the return premium to any current premiums due based on your invoicing plan.

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