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An Ounce of Protection Is Worth a Pound of Cure

Tick and flea season is upon us and usually runs from early spring until December depending upon the weather. Once the warmer days of spring are here the fleas begin to hatch and infest our pets and living areas. With a flea’s ability to procreate rapidly, generating a house-wide problem, and Lyme Disease being a concern from the deer tick, all of us need to find effective ways to protect our dogs and cats. Even indoor pets are at risk because these insects can be brought in by us as the result of lawn work, contact with other pets, etc.

Simply keeping lawns mowed can decrease pest problems. Short grass does not provide as much shade and moisture for small insects like fleas and ticks. Rodents, which can spread fleas and ticks, are less likely to inhabit a yard with short grass. Yards can also be treated with granulated insecticides to prevent tick and flea populations.

Some popular medications that are effective at both preventing and curing these problems include K-9 Advantix, Frontline, and Frontline Plus. These products are generally available where pet supplies are sold or from your veterinarian. If you have a pet that goes outdoors or is otherwise at risk, don’t wait until you have a problem. The medication is given monthly, and most people feel their pets are protected until the next month.

Anyone who has had an encounter with tick problems or a flea infestation knows that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Good luck with your furry friends!

Ed Mulvey, CPCU
Vice President – Underwriting

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